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1. Dr. Ir. NUrhidayati, MP. Chemical Composition of Vermicompost Made from Organic Wastes through the Vermicomposting and Composting with the Addition of Fish Meal and Egg Shells Flour http://gudangsurat.unisma.ac.id/index.php/s/IBJxCWJ3KZ83kfc
    Combined Effect Of Vermicompost and Earthworm Pontoscolex corethrurus Inoculation On The Yield And Quality Of Broccoli (Brassica oleracea L.) Using Organic Growing Media http://gudangsurat.unisma.ac.id/index.php/s/4buOg6r9v5YA8QY
    Contributions of Pontoscolex Corethrurus on N Mineralization of Organic Matters From Sugar Agro-Industry Waste In Different Quality http://gudangsurat.unisma.ac.id/index.php/s/nW63Cetr0cofOkt
    Earthworm Pontoscolexcorethrurus And Nitrogen Mineralization Rate In Incubation Experiment With Different Quality Organic Matters From Sugaragro-Industry Waste http://gudangsurat.unisma.ac.id/index.php/s/UrtDMIa8qd5XNEk